Shashi Prabha

Village: Dhamsu

Years Knitting with Fazl: 6 years (from the beginning!)

Favorite Food: Chapati and Aloo (Indian flatbread and cooked potato’s)

How Fast Can You Knit a Pair of Socks? One pair a day.

Do you have pets? I have a dog named Jimmy.

Which products do you knit? I knit most of the Fazl products, but mostly Raajasee (Royal), Chai (Tea), Uttar (North), and Shanti (Peace).

How has working for Fazl helped you or your family? Working with Fazl has helped my family purchase basic items for our home and has further helped the ladies in my community. We’re all very happy working with Fazl!

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"These gorgeous socks are keeping my feet toasty warm and bringing a smile to my face. I wear them to bed and when I hunker down to read. It's great that they do good, as well as feel good."

––Pamela K