The Khushbu Project started in 2011 as an educational program to serve migrant women and their families in an urban village within the megacity of New Delhi. What started as literacy training quickly expanded to include jewelry making, self-help savings groups, forums on social justice, and after school tutoring for children.

These activities enabled women and their children to learn new skills, develop social support, and understand basic human rights. Over the years, Khushbu has evolved into a socially responsible business that is committed to ethical and just practices that positively impact our artisans, their families, their community, and the environment. 

The vision is to see underprivileged women, who have never had the opportunity to seek employment before, empowered to support their families.

 Khushbu seeks to transform the lives of individuals and whole communities through job creation and skill development for the migrant population of India's urban villages, while creating unique, hand-made products for the socially responsible buyer.

We believe that every person is creative and capable of adding value and beauty to our world. At Khushbu, our women are trained to develop true artisanal skills, while receiving better-than-fair wages in a safe environment to create premium, block printed, hand-stitched products.