Update on Flood Relief Efforts

 Since the floods hit, it’s been a trying time, to say the least. The first storm was just the beginning of the turmoil, and in its wake our remote Himalayan community has been trying to grapple with the wreckage, along with another cloud burst and more destruction, death, and loss.

 We, team Fazl, and our community partners are honoured to be able to assist those who are suffering. While distributing relief kits, we met a recently widowed woman, and tragically, not long after her husband’s passing, her home was destroyed in the flood. Another family stood, helpless, while the river swept away their house and everything they owned; all their earthly possessions were lost, except for the clothes they were wearing as they watched the waters take everything.

It’s amazing to hear their stories. It’s amazing to hear how people are grateful to be alive, even in the midst of anguish. It’s amazing to see the joy and relief in people’s faces as they fill up their baskets with food to feed their families.

On a personal note, it’s easy for me to become overwhelmed by the suffering in this world, the crushing needs and all the things that we could never possibly fix. But then, when I see the support pouring in, I remember the love and kindness and light that never ceases to exist in times of pain, and that we are here to remind the flood victims that they are not alone, that there is still good in this world.

We appreciate all those who have supported us more than we can say. Truly, this is about more than food. On behalf of the families who are being fed and the many more to come: Thank You. Together, we're feeding families in need 💙


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