Do you support a special cause? Are you a part of an organization like a hockey team, band, church, youth group, care group, etc., and need to raise money for a trip or just for the organization in general? Do you have some other initiative, like that never-ending college tuition that you need to pay off?

Tired of having your child sell the same old chocolates to Aunt Carol and Uncle Chuck? Even though they always buy 5 packs of them, you know they would also like something different . . .

WE WANT TO HELP!  Fazl loves being a part of other causes!  We want to help you support your cause, organization, or initiative. Here’s how we can help!

  • With our great wholesale rates, we'll work with you to come up with a great pricing plan that helps both of us raise money for our causes!
  • We'll connect you with some fantastic socks, hats, mittens, travel cases and even our tire bags to help give you some great variety to sell!
  • We'll connect you with some great material that will explain everything people need to know about Fazl!

It really is as easy as it sounds! 

Whether you want to use the Fazl Fundraiser program in conjunction with an existing fundraiser event, host a Fazlevent on its own, or you want to Fundraise individually, we have the tools to help with it all.

Need to raise money for something else, but don’t see how this could work for you? We would still love to hear from you! We’ve partnered up in loads of different ways to fundraise and we would love to work with you to figure out a way our program can help.

Let's not forget: By using Fazl products to support your cause, organization or initiative, you are also helping support our cause! Through this program, Fazl still donates 50% of net profits to children and in need.

To sign up for a Fazl Fundraiser or to get more information on how a Fazl Fundraiser can help you, send a message on over to