Village: Bhajogi

How long have you been knitting? I have been knitting for Fazl for 6 years

How fast can you knit one product? It takes me 2 days to make a pair of socks, as I have many other things to do during the day.

What’s your favorite food? Thukpa is my favorite food (Thukpa is a Tibetan noodle soup with lamb).

Which products do you knit? I knit almost all the products such as Chai (Tea), Tushar (Frost), Uttar (North), Shanti (Peace), and Hamesha (Always).

How has working for Fazl helped you or your family? It has helped me so much! I no longer need to ask my family for money and has given me extra spending money.

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"These gorgeous socks are keeping my feet toasty warm and bringing a smile to my face. I wear them to bed and when I hunker down to read. It's great that they do good, as well as feel good."

––Pamela K