Canada $80+  – FREE

USA $80+  – FREE

Canada Up to $79.99 – $13 CAD

USA Up to $79.99 – $10 USD

Europe over $120 (Excluding Bags) – FREE

Europe Under $120 – Cost of Shipping at Checkout

Australia over $120 (Excluding Bags) – FREE

Australia Under $120 – Cost of Shipping at Checkout

All Other Countries – Cost of shipping at Checkout


*** Please note that all packages are shipped from Canada and therefore locations outside of Canada may be subject to Customs and Duties charges. Please check with local customs authorities if you are concerned about this. Fazl is not responsible for Customs and Duties charges and will not reimburse for any charges related to this.***


I noticed that your free shipping minimum has gone up. Why is this? 

Unfortunately the sad reality is that shipping costs continue to climb. With the recent COVID - 19 pandemic, shipping times and costs by carriers are increasing substantially (All couriers for 2021 have increased 5-7%!!). In response to this we've moved to include tracking with all of our orders... even ones that don't meet the free shipping minimum. This ensures that we can know where your product is when it leaves our fingertips.  Customer service is one of our top priorities and this allows us to give you better customer service and more certainty in a time of increased uncertainty.

As much as we would like to continue to provide free shipping on all of our products, we simply cannot. We do still provide free shipping on certain order sizes though.  

I received a notification that my item has shipped. The notification includes a link to track my package. But when I click, it says no information can be found.

What does this mean?

All of our packages now include tracking so you should see tracking information shortly. If you just received notification that your package has shipped, it may take sometime for the tracking information to be updated.  Please wait 24-48 hours after notification for updates.  If you still do not see information, please get in touch with the shipping company, or let us know and we would be happy to assist.  Please note the tracking information is from the shipping carrier and not Fazl. 


How long does it take for my order to ship from the time I pay online?

Please allow 1–2 business days for processing from the time of placing your order before your package is dispatched. 

How long does it typically take before my item arrives?

Located within Canada: 2 – 6 business days

  • Everything ships from Kelowna, BC, Canada on the west coast. In normal circumstances the above timelines are estimated based on proximity with Kelowna.  The further east you are located, the closer to the 6 business day mark it will likely be. 

Located within the USA: 5–10 business days. 

  • Everything ships from Kelowna, BC, Canada on the west coast. In normal circumstances the above timelines are estimated based on proximity with Kelowna.  The further east you are located, the closer to the 10 business day mark it will likely be. 

Located outside Canada or USA: 7–15 business days

The above timelines are in consideration of regular weather and time of year. Please remember that sometimes Christmas and Black Friday can have an impact on these timelines with most delays being caused by the couriers. Business days refers to Monday to Friday.


I want to receive my products faster, is there an option for this? 

Yes! As you're at the checkout, you will come upon the shipping options.  Depending on your location and the amount you have purchased, you may qualify for free shipping (see rates and locations at the top of the page).  This will be pre-selected.  If you do not qualify for free shipping, the lowest paid option will be pre-selected.  It is at this stage you will also have the option to pay more for faster service!

Please keep in mind that depending on the time of year, carriers do not always guarantee their timelines or they may alter them.  Be sure to visit the carrier website to check on the status of their guarantees.  Please be aware that if the carriers have altered timelines, these will be what we compare with in the case of any dispute on receiving the product. 


My order never arrived!

This is strange... and the only thing we can think of is that someone saw a Fazl product and kept it for themselves. In any event, we apologize! Double-check your tracking number (if you received one) and if your package still seems to be MIA, send us a message using the form on the Contact Us section of the homepage. Please be sure to include your order number and all other related information to make finding your order easier.




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