Are you a store owner or buyer interested in carrying Fazl products? Or perhaps you just can’t get enough of our fuzzy foot warmers and want to order a whole truckload … we understand! We have special wholesale pricing just for you!


Wondering what the benefits of carrying Fazl are? Let us give it to you straight!


You are Supporting Fair, Livable Wages!

Not only do we have special wholesale pricing, but you are investing in high-quality products where each and every item has been personally and individually handcrafted. Every product we sell has been handmade by one of our amazing artisans who receive a fair, livable wage for their work.


YOU are Caring for Orphaned and Destitute Children

Through carrying Fazl products in your store, you are helping to provide education, clothing, food, and shelter to children born into desperate circumstances. We donate 50% of our net profits to this cause. Our founders live in India and are involved daily with the children we support.


We Provide Display and Advertising Material

Beyond our great products, Fazl is centred upon the amazing cause that we support. We know that there is a lot to our story and in the rush of retail, it can be difficult to convey this to every customer that comes in. No need to worry, we’ve got you covered! When you order Fazl products wholesale, we provide you with a some table top display that includes our story, as well as a proper sizing chart for the socks. This display outlines the story behind Fazl so interested customers can know first-hand what they are supporting with each purchase.


TIP TOP Customer Service

We know it’s the small things that count. We take our wholesale partnerships very seriously.  If you have any issues at all, or any questions, we always have a team member available to provide assistance. We also stand by our products. If one of your customers has an issue with one of our products, we’ll gladly work with you, or even your customer, to do what we can to make everyone happy.


To get our latest wholesale catalogue - which includes pricing and styles of the products available for wholesale – please contact  We would love to get you set up with our exclusive wholesale rates!