Roasted locally in Kelowna by Dan Connolly, the Local Chemist has partnered with the Fazl marketplace to bring you ethically sourced beans for your brew, while also contributing to the causes Fazl supports. The Local Chemist is dedicated to sourcing direct trade coffee from producers in Central and South America and roasting with an electric and zero emissions coffee roaster. As friend of Fazl from the beginning, it only seemed natural for the Local Chemist and Fazl to come together: a perfect pairing.

The Local Chemist always roasts seasonly and sustainably. They are committed to creating transparency so coffee lovers know where their money goes, who the farmers are, and the producers's names.

From humble beginnings of making coffee for markets and weddings, to now solely roasting coffee as a way to connect with community and as an established local, Dan and the Local Chemist have always been about supporting people and their stories––one coffee at a time. 
People. Coffee. Community.