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We Started a Foundation

Fazl began because of our desire to help provide for orphaned and destitute children in India and to support women in need in our community. Since 2016, Fazl has become a safe place for women and widows, along with fulfilling our mission to give to the children. However, we've also reached out to those beyond our Sock Circles. During the second wave of COVID that devastated India, we helped feed 650 families by giving out 15,000 kgs of food, and currently, we're doing relief work to help flood victims in our region.

Fazl continues to support women and children, but we're also stepping out to do more.

Through our work as a social enterprise, we've seen that there are more people who need help than we can provide for through Fazl alone, and so, the Foundation was born. 

176 million Indians live in extreme poverty, furthermore, the subcontinent is home to 25 million orphans. Many women in our region face challenges due to low socioeconomic status, low caste, lack of education, and living in remote locations. We seek to uplift and create systemic and generational change for underserved communities.


The Fazl Foundation gives life-changing opportunities to children, women and communities in need. Systemic change starts with making the right kind of impact, and we specialize in exactly that. 

Our areas of focus:

  • Supporting orphaned and destitute children
  • Empowering micro-businesses
  • Fundraising for construction projects (including a school and a dorm)
  • Uplifting women and widows women
  • Relief work: we are distributing food and basic necessities to those who've lost their homes and businesses (or both) due to the catastrophic floods and mudslides in our region​


Fazl is currently a Society and in the process of receiving CRA registration. We are unable to give tax receipts at this time. We continue with our charitable work and giving while we wait.