I’ve noticed on your packaging and on your website it says your socks are “made from a special blend of synthetic wool.” What exactly is synthetic wool?

We use the term Synthetic Wool to describe our products because they aren’t real wool, but rather made from a blend of 80% nylon and 20% acrylic. We use the term wool because we try to capture the fact that our products are super soft and toasty warm, but without the itch and scratch of real wool (especially for those who are allergic). Better yet, our products also last longer because of the strength of the synthetic blend. 


Are your products vegan? I don’t see this anywhere on your website, but it sounds like they are.

Yes! They are 100% vegan!

Our socks, mittens, and hats (toques for Canadians) are made from a synthetic material, so they are 100% vegan As an FYI, even 100% woollen products almost always contain some nylon or other acrylic material for strength. Without this they would simply unravel right between your toes!

Our bags are also vegan. They are made from recycled tire tube and a canvas material!


I saw in a previous question that you called one of your products a toque? What is that?

Not sure what a toque is, eh?

It’s what we Canadians call a winter hat or a beanie. It keeps our hair and heads from freezing during those arctic-like Winters. Just like our socks, our toques are also made from a special blend of synthetic wool.


It says your bags are made from recycled tire tube!?!? Can this be?

You bet it's true! Aside from the hand-stamped fabric, they are made from recycled tire tubes off the streets of Delhi! We never get . . .Tired . . . of saying that. This way you know when you... hit the road... with our bag, you are carrying an environmentally conscious product as well. AND just like our other products, we provide fair, livable wages to our amazing artisans in need!


What is the other part of the bag made from?

The remaining part of the bag is made from canvas material.

This means, that just like all of our other products our bags are vegan too!


How do I wash my Fazl products?

Scrub-a-dub-dub put them in the tub!

Just kidding, all of our products can be washed in a washing machine ... even our bags! We recommend washing them in cold water and hanging them to dry. You can find the washing instructions on the inside of the sock packaging or on the insert that came with your product. You can also find them here as well


Your sock sizing is in inches... how is that measured and what does this translate to in shoe size?

Because each sock is handmade, we measure from the toe to the heel in inches and then convert this to the common shoe size.

Ex. an Adult XS sock is 8” from Toe to Heel. This means that the base of the sock measures 8 inches from the toe to the heel. This then translates to Women’s shoe size of 5.5 US. You can check out our sizing chart here. We also have sizing listed in comparable sizing around the world including the UK and Australia.


Are all your socks unisex?


Everybody is unique and so are our designs. Find a sock that suits you... check the sizing chart and start rocking those socks!


How does the sizing work for your Toques?

One size fits all for most adults!


Where do the cool designs come from on the products?

All designs on the socks are indigenous to the local Himalayan people of north India.

The artisans that handcraft the socks know the designs only by memory and pass the patterns from mother to daughter. By continuing to have these products made, the traditional designs of this region are being preserved.

The designs on the toques come from the same original patterns that are traditional to the socks.

The bag patterns are created using hand stamps. This is a traditional Indian technique for creating fabric designs.




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