Celebrating the Boys Dorm. Together, we made an impact!

What a difference a socks makes.

We donate a portion of our profits to Child of Mine, a registered charity. For years, Child of Mine has worked to build a new boys dorm at one of the orphanages we help support. Some of the buildings were in serious need of renovation and were originally constructed with mud plaster and cow dung. These buildings were inherited by the orphanage from when the property was used as a leprosy home.
We are delighted to celebrate the completion of the new boys dorm, a dream 10 years in the making! Thank you to everyone who has helped make this possible and give a beautiful home to beautiful children. Together, we are creating an impact!

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"These gorgeous socks are keeping my feet toasty warm and bringing a smile to my face. I wear them to bed and when I hunker down to read. It's great that they do good, as well as feel good."

––Pamela K