Lighthouse Coffee Roasters: Daymark Light Roast

Daymark  - the name of our Light Roast  - gets its name from those, often diagonal, lines visible on the outside of lighthouses. Used as a navigational aid for sailors and pilots, they are distinctively marked to maximize visibility in daylight. They loved the they nabbed it. 

Daymark is bright and juicy with hints of tropical fruit and coconut. It shines particularly in pour-overs and presses. 

What will you taste?

About Daymark

  • Single Origin: Myanmar’s Magway state, bordering Rakhine State
  • Producers: 70 smallholder farmers
  • Farming Community: Acho Chin People
  • Direct Trade from farmer to us! No intermediary.
  • Elevation: Over 1,200masl
  • Process: Natural
  • Harvest: 2022
  • Tasting Notes: Tropical Fruit and Coconut.


340 g


Whole Bean

About Lighthouse Coffee Roasters

The vision of Lighthouse Coffee Roasters is to use coffee as a catalyst for community development in coffee growing villages around the globe.

Those who drink their coffee and those who grow it matter. Everyone benefits from relationships done well. 

Their direct trade model helps maximize the profits for farmers. Through long-standing relationships with local farmers they help to expand their growing potential and support holistic development in their communities.



Lighthouse imports high-quality green coffee and then roasts it in a way that showcases its unique flavors.

For now, they toll roast. Which means that they partner with a professional roaster who is based out of Vancouver, BC. They roast coffee in small batches, and then sell it to you so you can brew amazing specialty coffee and enjoy it.

They endeavor to involve as many people as possible in the story.


People and places matter to them, whether the farmers who grow the coffee, their families and villages, or the people who drink the roasted coffee; their towns and cities, the places where they live, work and play.

Lighthouse believes in pursuing excellence not only in sourcing and roasting high-quality specialty coffee, but also in every relationship along the way.

They practice generosity in their business and in their personal lives. They give and keep on giving for the betterment of others.

They value diversity and equal opportunity for anyone regardless of gender, position, race or religion.


Our socks are hand-made by real people. For this reason, each pair may include subtle variations in colour and pattern details from those seen in our photos. The overall colour scheme and design will remain very similar.

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